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Amazon Author Pages

Amazon Author Pages: Should you have one? Yes, if you are a published author, whether published through an established publishing house or self-published, and your book is available for sale on Amazon. This blog post will tell you how to do it and why it is... read more

Amazon Reviews: a Step by Step Guide to Posting on Amazon

“Amazon reviews: How do I post them?” Authors and their readers often ask me this question. Today I will walk you through the process step by step and offer a few suggestions on writing a good review, as well as a warning. Preliminary Steps To post a... read more

From the Publisher’s Desk

Authors’ questions: they are many and never wrong. Greetings from the publisher of Selkirk Stories. In upcoming blog posts, I will address some questions I am commonly asked by new or independently published authors. These include: How do I post a review on... read more