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Meet Molly MacIntosh: she's grumpy, she's feisty, she's impatient, she's tart-tongued, but she's also helpless and confined to her wheelchair in a nursing home, waiting to die.

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Authored by Margaret A. Westlie
Edition: 2

Meet Molly MacIntosh: she’s grumpy, she’s feisty, she’s impatient, she’s tart-tongued, but she’s also helpless and confined to her wheelchair in a nursing home, waiting to die.

Meet Lucy and Larry: they’re spirits from the other side who have come to help Molly learn to astral travel and leave her failing body to move freely in the spirit world.

Meet Gertrude Taylor, the night nurse: she doesn’t know it yet, but she is a latent psychic. In the meanwhile, she is the butt of Molly’s pranks.

Once free of her body, Molly is hard to control, even for a powerful spirit like Larry, and she quickly makes it her mission to force Gertrude to develop her psychic gifts whether Gertrude wants to or not.

Along the way, you’ll meet other memorable characters and see how Gertrude’s new gifts also help her find romance and happiness.

Move over Anne of Green Gables: Molly is here, and she will transform Prince Edward Island novels forever.

Come home to Prince Edward Island! Join the ghostly fun! Read Shades of Molly and the other Haunted PEI novels by Margaret A. Westlie.


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